A silent movie in reverse.

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The Turing Test’s latest project, Overwatch is somewhat upside down. As an exercise in sheer contrary bloody-mindedness they have embarked on the construction of a system involving directing real-time 3D visuals with live musical scores. Some basic experiments involving switching cameras based on the speed of the midi clock have lead to more complicated setups involving triggering through leitmotifs, topics and styles. Sort of a silent movie ass-backwards, modes, chords, riffs and individual notes will move the cameras, start and stop the action, introduce characters, etc etc.

A trip to the country is planned to write a score which in turn will direct the film.

Still from Overwatch


Baptism of panda

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The Turing Test’s first foray outside of England, Sierra Metro gallery in Edinburgh played host to a freezing cold night of ‘Test flavoured office joy. Playing from the offices of an ancient taxi firm, The ‘Test eschewed desk removal procedures and played from among the furniture.

On the way home a pheasant attempted to fly through the passenger side window of Rachel’s car with spectacular results, causing an explosion of beer on the inside and bird on the outside.

Mad Max but colder.

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October and The Turing Test were shot at by ace australian photographer Martin Fitzpatrick, in a post-human industrial wasteland of their own devising.

 Much attention was given to costume: the boot of the x1/9 is basically full of fur coats, military jackets, unlikely tank tops etc.

Security at the disused mill were seemingly unperturbed by the reflectors, tripods, sports cars and sundry paraphernalia which had sprung up in their carpark. Rachel has icelandic bones today.

Not sure what’s going on here. Codeword not recognised.

Russell, Jewels and the 2000 mile headstart

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The Turing Test have celebrated the end of summer with 2 shows. Again, at the star and shadow cinema (soon they will be the house band and will be given uniforms), both went down to packed houses of well-dressed and appreciative people, so that’s ok.

The first was an Arthur Russell homage night, where the ‘Test sketched out a dreamy cover of ‘This is how we walk on the moon’. There were scenes from Venus and the surface of the sun.

The second was in support of delicious NITE JEWEL, Ramona Gonzales and her friends, one of their favourite acts. Which would have been wonderful except that 10 hours before soundcheck, 50% of the Turing Test were in La Rochelle. Which is in France. So, a tense day of 300km drives in semi-crippled hire cars (steering wheel on the wrong side also), 2 aeroplanes and the sloooowest taxi driver in the North East of England.

And still the boy half (which was in France) arrived before the girl half (which was a mile away). Make of that what you will. Maybe it’s something to do with hair straighteners.

Pictures to follow.

Panasonic projectors are made of chocolate

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Paul, the manager of The End swears it’s haunted. All manner of strange electrical things happen, things break for no reason and without warning, musicians plummet lemming-like down the stairs etc. Which is reassuring to find out when you’re about to go on stage. Undaunted, The Turing Test stepped bravely into the limelight and belted out a fairly flawless set (though they do say so themselves).

Five songs in, the projector overheated and cut out plunging the entire stage into total darkness. Luckily, due to years of unnecessary training, The Turing Test can field-strip an assault rifle blindfolded in less than 30 seconds. Playing a matt-black guitar with matt-black frets and matt-black strings in pitch darkness? Oh, yes please.

Thank you to Chris Ford for the photographs.

The End 22709e


The End 220709

My blonde is exhausted. Bring me another.

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The Turing Test’s first live outing went down a treat. Deep within the Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle, they played their hearts out in the flickering light of a sword-of-damocles projector balanced precariously above the heads of the crowds on the box for a nano-control. Ko Le Chen definitely DID NOT TAKE THESE PHOTOGRAPHS. No Sir.




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The Turing Test are putting the finishing touches to their visuals set before playing at the Star and Shadow Cinema.
High contrast is the order of the day. Below is the video accompaniment to the track ‘Perils’.